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My 2008 New Year's Resolutions

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Today is the New Year's eve and in less than 24 hours, we will be walking into the brand new year of 2008. Before walking into the new year, it is always better have a clear picture of our new year's resolutions in our mind or perhaps write it down somewhere, in case we do forget. I choose to write it in my blog, so it will keep me reminded. And here is my 2008 New Year's Resolutions.

1. Spend Money Wisely
or in other words, to save more money. Budget is a crucial tool that will keep me from throwing my money into the drain again. I have a bad habit of spending money on something that I doesn't really need it and end up regret for it. Sometime just because the sales person treated me so nice and I will felt guilty for not buying anything from the sales person. Starting next year, every time when I go out for shopping, I will only buy the items/goods that I really need and that mean I need shopping checklists to avoid me from unwise spending.

2. Generate Multiple Stream of Income (or Pocket Money)
Although I am still a student, but I don't want to be too dependent on my parent's hard earned money. This year, I earned extra money by doing part time job as a Red Bull's promoter. Well, that was the only stream of income for me this year and in year 2008, I am looking for more options. So I decided to become a demonstrator in my University. In the mean time, I can gain precious experience. In the mid year, I am considering of applying for a post as a part time teacher at my mum's school. That's may earn me over thousand Ringgit. Currently, I am extremely interested in stock market investment. I bought several books on stock investment which cost me over hundred Ringgit. But I believe the knowledge that I gain can't be measure with money. Before jumping into stock market, we need to know the basics first. I believe I can make more than what I have spent on the books. Finally, I hope that my Red Bull's boss still needs my service.

3. Improve My Public Speaking
I always having bad times every time I stand in front of people. Maybe I was too anxious and not well prepared for presentation. How am I going to improve it? Again, I will need spend money on books. I have several books of those books with me now and I still need more books to fill up my book shelf. Knowledge is Power! Just now, I was talking about becoming a demonstrator in University and part time teacher during semester break. These will be a landing platform for me to sharpen up my speaking skills and I believe I can do it.

4. Maintain My Exam Results
From the first semester back in 2005 till semester 5 (last semester), I performed well in exams and gained decent results every semester. In the coming semester till the last semester, I will love to see myself keep maintaining the current form of my exam results. Improvement will be better.

I have talked about mine and what are your new year's resolutions?

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