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NowTorrents - Find the Best Torrents on the Web

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NowTorrents - Find the Best Torrents on the Web

When you are looking for webpages on the net , you ask Mr Google, Yahoo and any other available search engines. But if you are looking for the best torrent files in the town, you gotta ask this fellow, NowTorrents.

NowTorrents is an advanced real-time search engine for bit-torrents. We do not host any torrents on NowTorrents, we just make them findable. Our software scans the largest torrent hosting websites on the internet and comes up with the best results from these websites.

The torrent hosting websites that are included in the torrent search are :
  • Mininova
  • BitTorrent
  • PirateBay
  • IsoHunt
  • Monova
  • NewTorrents
  • SeedPeer
  • LegitTorrents
  • TorrentZ
  • MyBitTorrent
  • FullDlls
  • Fenopy
  • BtJunkie
  • Sumotorrent

Here is an example of the torrent search result for keyword, "Lost". My favourite TV series besides Prison Break and Heroes. :-)

NowTorrents - Find the Best Torrents on the Web
Which one is better NowTorrents or PizzaTorrent?

Check out NowTorrents @

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This Post has 2 Comments Add your own!
Crystal - March 10, 2008 at 2:38 AM

Oh wow, thanks for the list. I only knew Bitcomet so it was a pain getting hold of torrents.

Wess Stewart - March 10, 2008 at 7:27 AM

Thanks for the info!

I wonder if they have Alf...

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