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Toread - Send Bookmarked Webpages to Your Email

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I often came across a lot of interesting webpages while blog walking but sometime I found so little time to read them all at that time. So in the end I have to skip some of the posts and some of it I bookmarked, so that I can read it later. That was what I did last time, but now I am using toread.

Toread - Send Bookmarked Webpages to Your Email

Toread is a email-based free bookmark service that allows you to send webpages to your email account.

This bookmark service is available for both IE and Firefox users. Toread come in handy when you came across a hand full of interesting blog posts but couldn't find the time to read at the very moment. So by simply click on the "toread" bookmarklet, the webpage will be forwarded to your email account. When you are free, you can always read the previous bookmarked webpages from your email.

Toread - Send Bookmarked Webpages to Your Email

Here is a screenshot of the email containing the webpage (it's my blog actually) that I've bookmarked using Toread.

Toread - Send Bookmarked Webpages to Your Email

Toread Mobile / Tomobi
Toread also available to mobile users. Tomobi will convert toread web page into text-only content, and send it to your mobile device.

Check out toread @ | For additional info, please refer to toread "how to use" page.

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