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Happy Wedding, Yen Min!

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Last weekend, I had the pleasure to attend my senior aka god sister, Cheong Yen Ming and her husband’s wedding ceremony in Ipoh. A day before going to Ipoh, I was at Tanjung Malim (the place where I study my degree). Well, the new semester is expected to start on 3 January next year and I have to cut my holiday shorter to make sure I was there to witness Yen Min’s wedding.

On Saturday 22 December, Hui Yee aka honey and I reached Ipoh around 10 am from Tanjung Malim. Phik Fen reached Ipoh in the afternoon. Three of us and Ngoh were invited to the bride’s wedding dinner at night. Gratefully, we have Ngoh who lived in Ipoh, so we didn’t have to worry about transportation and a place to sleep.

The bride’s wedding dinner took place in a hotel in Ipoh starting at 7 pm. I didn’t meet them for quite some time since Yen Min’s graduation and I have to admit that they were simply gorgeous that night! The dinner was filled with a total of 35 tables and consisted of 8 different dishes. Well, the dishes were quite okay (sort of) and the dinner ended around 11 pm. We didn’t miss the opportunity to snap photos with the bride and the groom. So here you go, the photoshop edited photo. See the bride and the groom?

Here's another photo taken during the bride's wedding dinner.

The next day was the crucial day. After taking breakfast near Ngoh's house, we headed to Yen Min's house and arrived there at 8.30 am. The groom was expected to collect the bride at the bride's house. The process of picking up the bride was not an easy one because friends and sisters would not easily give up the bride. The girls have the door locked to block the groom and the brothers from entering the house. Well, I was with the girls to torture the groom and the brothers. The girls has prepared food and drinks to serve the groom and his friends. Well, the food and drinks were not too tasty, in fact they tasted bad (not really bad)! Haha!!!

The breakfast for the groom and the brothers. Taste good!

This part of tradition was very hilarious. The girls wanted the groom to prove that he is the best choice for the bride. So the girls has asked the groom to recognize the bride's kiss on a piece of paper filled with a score of kisses. The groom didn't get it right at the first attempt and only get it right on the third. Then some singing session, the groom sang a love song for the bride. Haha... not so bad singing. After finished with the tests and dishes, the groom was just one step closer to enter the house. Now, the groom had to ask his brothers to pick up the door key in a pail of icy water only with leg. So cold! Poor guy, he did get his leg frozen up. *laughing*

Soon after entering the house, finally the bride got into the bride's room after paying sufficient amount of toll money ( I mean ang pows ) to the girls. Tea was served to the parents and the oldest living closest relative before the bride and the groom left the bride's house and drove to the groom's house in Kulim, Kedah. Well, we didn't follow them, so we missed the wedding dinner in Kulim.

Here's a few more photos.

In the bride's room

The groom wore the ring into the bride's finger.

Bye! Bye! Both the bride and the groom left for the groom's house.

Finally, my wishes for them, may both the loving copule have a happier life and may their love lasts forever.

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