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Plastic Surgery and the Rude Doctor

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I have attended the appointment at HUSM yesterday morning. We arrived at HUSM at 9 something in the morning and I thought that when I get to HUSM at 9 am I can straight away get to see the doctor because the appointment time is at 9 am but it was not happen the way I thought of. Well, I have made a blunder! My foolish!

Well, this is my first time to the hospital , so I don’t know how exactly is the procedure of the hospital. My mum and I wasted some time wondering around the hospital and asking people here and there. So I know that I have to first register at the registration counter before headed to the Klinik Surgeri (Surgery Clinic).

By 10 am, I was sitting in front of Klinik Surgeri waiting for the nurse to call my name. After waiting for one and half hour, the nurse called me up. So I went and met the doctor. Without even a smile and greeting, the doctor examine my swellings (well, not exactly doing examination, just glance at my swellings and touch it a bit and done!). The atmosphere looked so different inside the room. The doctor asking me questions in the rude way and without patient. The way how the doctor treated me nearly aroused resentment in me but I told myself to cool down, only a fool will argue with the doctor! After pouring a score of questions on me, the doctor wrote a report about my case. I confirmed with him that I am ready to say good bye to the ugly swellings. So the doctor checked for suitable date to do the operation.

Finally, I have decided the date of my plastic surgery operation, it will be on 16 December! I have to stay in hospital the day before the operation. It has been a long time I have not sleep in hospital. How do I feel for my coming surgery? Nothing to scare and I hope that everyone who cares for me, please don’t worry about me specially my family and also my honey, Hui Yee. I will be fine!

P.S. : My mum and dad will accompany me to enter the ward on 15 December and stay overnight at my auntie’s house. Thanks for yours care, mum and dad. You’re simply the best mum and dad on earth!

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