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Welcome December, Good Bye November

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Yesterday was November 30 and today is December the first. December is going to be a long long month for me before going back to campus. Well, not exactly a long month because I already have in my mind about what to do to make this month run faster. So December is not going to be bored after all. Here, I am going to highlight some interesting events for this month.

1. Singapore Trip

Hey, this will be my first trip to Singapore. I am feeling so excited about it. So do I ever tell you that my younger brother is currently studying in National University of Singapore (NUS). Yes, my whole family is going to visit my brother and at the same time, to have fun in Singapore. According to schedule, we are going by train on 6 December at night and arrive in Singapore on the second day in the morning. The 2 days 1 night trip is planned by my brother. The trip may seem a little too short but it is enough to cost my dad more than half of his salary! Anyway, I hope that the trip is going to be an enjoyable trip. Singapore, here I come!!!

The famous Singapore Merlion

2. Plastic Surgery

Well, I am going to undergo a plastic surgery on 10 December at HUSM, Kubang Kerian. Most of my friends don’t know about this because I keep this as a secret. Only my family, my honey and close friends of mine know about this. Some of you may have noticed swellings near my left eye. The swellings are not painful and increases in size, so I decided to remove the swellings because it makes me look ugly! I never undergo any surgery in my whole life and this will be my first surgery. Although I am a little scared, but to look handsome, I must take the risk! So, wish me good luck!

See the swellings? Pretty ugly right?

3. My Birthday

I will be celebrating my birthday on 19 December ( Try to remember it! ). So in my birthday, I will be expecting birthday cake, birthday cards and birthday presents. I will be at home on my birthday, so my family will celebrate it with me and as for my honey, she will celebrate with me a few days later. Talking about birthday present, Ngoh is the first person to hand up birthday present for me. Thank you so much, Ngoh.

4. Attend Wedding

Who’s getting married? Well, my senior aka my god sister, Chong Yen Ming is getting married on 22 December in Ipoh, so four of us, me, my honey, Ngoh and Phik Fen will be joining her wedding. So let us wish the two loving couple a happier life and may their love lasts forever.

The Loving Couple

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This Post has 3 Comments Add your own!
Honey - December 3, 2007 at 12:30 PM

Singapore trip is costly but maybe it is just a only time that you spend your happy time with your family at foreign country. Hope that your whole family will enjoy the trip. :-)

I am the one who 1st know that something has grow beside your left eye and it is increasing in size. A little bit scare about that because we don't know what will happened to that swelling. Will it increase in size after years? Since it is the
only way that you need to undergo the plastic surgery to remove that ugly swelling, so you must be brave to face it! Ok? I know you are a brave guy... :-) Hope that you will
recover quickly after the surgery.

On this year, your birthday is also the holiday in Malaysia -- Hari Raya Haji. So you must be happy that whole country celebrate for you right? haha... So, I needed not to celebrate with you since you had receive your birthday present already... haha... :p

What a nice photo that you edit for your god sister. I want it also!!!

Steve Yu - December 3, 2007 at 2:07 PM

No excuse... you must prepare a birthday surprise for me! Yes, you must and don't forget my present ok?

P.S. : Looking forward for the Singapore trip :-)

Katherine Kiew - December 5, 2007 at 1:06 PM

Ok, Ok! I try my BEST :-)

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