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How to Sleep in Class Without Getting Caught?

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Well, the yesterday 3-hours long class was a slightly boring class with the lecturer doing most of talking part and we students sitting quietly and listened to what he have to say. Boringggg... If this kind of situation happens every week, it will not takes long to get me into sleep. So suddenly I came out with an idea, "hey, why don't I put myself into sleep during the class but without getting caught?" For me, to sleep during the class is not a big deal, but not to get caught by the lecturer is the hardest part of it. The price for getting caught sleeping in the class is very HIGH!!

So I start searching the whole web looking for useful tips on secret to sleep in class without getting caught. There a score of web sites which I found it useful, they are this site, this site and this site. These sites listed a near-to-complete guides on how to sleep in the class without getting caught.

Here is the quick steps that you (and I) may want to practice to experience an uninterrupted sleep in the class. (hopefully)

1. Sit in the back of the room

2. Have something on your desk, be it a book ( make sure the book is open) , a pencil box etc

3. Leaning on one arm and point your face down at the desk ( yes, you are studying your book or notes with your eyes close. )

4. No Snoring zzzzzz

Next time, if you want to sleep in the class, remember this steps and remember to get the copy of homeworks or notes from your friend after the class.

I guess you don't take me seriously when I said I am going to sleep in the class right? On the second thought, bringing my favourite stock investing books to read will bring more benefit to me than falls into sleep in the class.

P.S. : Be careful while you sleep in the class especially when the teacher is not around, because your classmates may up to something no good. Watch the video and you know what I mean! You may experience the pain, oouchh!!!!! That's hurt!

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